Ordered Waijung 2 for ESP32 and paid, but no instructions or product received.


martin van beek
Added about 1 month ago

I ordered and paid the Aimagin 2 blockset for the ESP32, but I didn't received the blockset or any download instructions.
Please can you sent instructions what to do, so that I can start as sson as possible.
Thanks for your quick response,


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martin van beek
Added 25 days ago

Hi Krisada,
This time I had luck, the payment was accepted and instructions where sent per email.
But now I see that the esp32 blockset is approx. 1.8GB, normally no problem, but the transition speed is really very poor, just 4 Mbit per second.
It wil take almost half a day to get the blockset and start with the esp32 project!
Is there a way to speed it up, I can't remember that we had such a poor connection in the past with Zynq7000 blockset.
Hopefully you have a simple solution on short term.
Kind regards,



Krisada Sangpetchsong (เอม)
Added about 1 month ago

Hi Martin

So sorry you encounter this problem.
I have directly emailed you. Please check and we will follow up.