ADC Block

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How this block appears in a Simulink model?


What can be configured?

Configuration Parameter Selectable Option/Value Description
ADC Module 1--2 The ADC driver API supports ADC1 (8 channels, attached to GPIOs 32 - 39), and ADC2 (10 channels, attached to GPIOs 0, 2, 4, 12 - 15 and 25 - 27).
ADC Resolution 9Bit--10Bit--11Bit--12Bit Specify sample time for the block
ADC attenuation 0DB--2.5DB--6DB--11DB Select attenuation
Select ADC channels Select channel pins

When to use this block?

Use this block for the application which need to process analog signal by software. Example, reading level of analog sensor (Temperature, Pressure, etc.), measure voltage and current from sensing circuit.

How does this block work?

This block will setup ADC reading function and return the reading value in every time step.


ADC demo

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