Aimagin Connect Block

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How this block appears in a Simulink model?



What can be configured?

Configuration Parameter Selectable Option/Value Description
MISO pin 0 to 33 Select MISO pin
MOSI pin 0 to 33 Select MOSI pin
SCK pin 0 to 33 Select SCK pin
CS pin 0 to 33 Select CS pin
SSID Enter preferred WiFi SSID.
Password Enter preferred WiFi password
IP Address Enter the preferred IP address
Max connections Enter the maximum number of connections allowed to be connected to the WiFi network.
Output User Active Status Check--Uncheck This parameter is used to check whether the user is active on the client side or not. To use this feature, client should be configured accordingly using Aimagin Connect.

When to use this block?

This block can be used to convert an ESP32 to a server that could host a web application created using Aimagin Connect.

How does this block work?

To use this block initially a web application should be designed using Aimagin Connect. It could be then exported and transferred to an SD card connected to an ESP32. Finally, this block should be uploaded to the ESP32 using Matlab Simulink. Then the user can access the created web application using the ‘IP Address’ specified in this block.
For this block to function, WiFi network should be setup in AP mode. This block automatically checks whether,
  1. ‘esp32_wifi_setup’ block is available in AP mode.
  2. ‘esp32_sd’ setup block is available.
    If either is not available, the mask of the block autonomously transforms itself allowing the user to configure the parameters of the missing block.


Create embedded web application with Aimagin Connect

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