Create embedded web application with Aimagin Connect

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This tutorial shows how to use Aimagin Connect to design web applications and export it to ESP32 Aimagin Connect server

Designing web application on Aimagin Connect

Publish the web applications on Aimagin Connect

Once the web application is saved in Aimagin Connect, go to Save as Web app to create it as a web application as in the following figure and give a name for the web application

Then go to Web app under System Settings as in the following figure.

Click on create to create a publish a new web application.

Then give a name to publish the web application and select the web app that you want to publish and click on update to save the data

Next go to Permission page under System Settings to give the permission to the new web application

Then select your role and go to edit

Check the new web application under Web app | Permission and give the full permission by click on All button and Click on update to save the configuration. Then refresh the web page and the new web app will appear under the Web App in the left menu.

Export the web application to ESP32 Aimagin Connect

Once all the web applications are designed and published on Aimagin Connect go to export page to get all the web applications and other data to your device (laptop or desktop computer).

Then click on Export button to save the export folder.

Next extract the downloaded zip file. The extracted file directory should be as follows

Copy those folders to the root directory of the SD card and insert in to the ESP32.

Note: to tun the web applications on ESP32 a simulink model with Aimagin connect server in WiFi Access point mode is required.

Use the following test model to test the web applications on Aimagin Connect on ESP32.


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