Digital Output Block

How this block appears in a Simulink model?


What can be configured?

Configuration Parameter Selectable Option/Value Description
Settings interface Basic--Advanced Allow user to adjust the level of control over the specified pins.
Select output pins Pino 0 to Pin 34 Select the output pins to be configured.
Initialize the above pins Check--Uncheck
Pin mode Push pull--Open drain
Drive capability Weak--Decent--Normal--Strongest Select drive strength of the pins.
Pin hold Enable--Disable Even though the GPIO pad hold function works in both input and output modes, it must be output capable GPIOs. If pad hold enabled: in output mode: the output level of the pad will be force locked and cannot be changed. in input mode: the input value read will not change, regardless the changes of input signal.
The state of digital GPIO cannot be held during Deep-sleep, and it will resume the hold function when the chip wakes up from Deep-sleep. If the digital GPIO also needs to be held during Deep sleep, gpio_deep_sleep_hold_en should also be called.
Deep sleep pin hold Enable--Disable

When to use this block?

This block implements Digital Output Module to generate digital output logic from MCU pin.

How does this block work?

Each block is used to configure pins of a specified block.

You can have as many Digital Output Blocks as you need in a model, to configure different pins of the MCU.


Digital Output demo

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