Digital Output demo

Demo file : esp32_digital_output_demo.slx


This example shows how to use the Digital Output Block on ESP32. The Counter Limited block is used to control the four digital output pins. The upper limit of the counter is 4.

What should be happening?

Once the four digital output pins (GPIO2, GPIO4, GPIO5 and GPIO18) are connected to the LEDs and when the demo file is running on ESP32, the LEDs should turn on and off with the following sequence with 1s per state

  1. State 1: GPIO 2 pin ON, all other OFF
  2. State 2: GPIO 4 pin ON, all other OFF
  3. State 3: GPIO 5 pin ON, all other OFF
  4. State 4: GPIO 18 pin ON, all other OFF
  5. State 5: all OFF

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