Host PC demo

Demo file : esp32_uart_hostpc_target_demo.slx


This demo shows the UART communication between the host pc and the target ESP32 using UART Blocks. The user can send the string data (commands) to control or quarry data from ESP32 via COM port.

Software Setup

In this demo, the Docklight software is used to monitor the transmitted and received data from the host computer. The software can be downloaded from this link The serial port configuration for this software is as below.

The transmitting data from the host computer

Hardware Setup

  1. ESP32 module
  2. aMG USB Converter-N
  3. Host PC

What should be happening?

There will be a response from the target module for each command from the host PC. For the command
  • LED=1, response will be 'OK' and the GPIO2 will be HIGH
  • LED=0 , response will be 'OK' and the GPIO2 will be LOW
  • ADC1?, response will be the reading from the ADC pin in voltage

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