How to use demo files?

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This documentation will show the user how to use the example demo files provided with the Waijung2 block-set


It is recommended that you copy a demo file and built it in a different folder than the original distributed demo folder. This will keep your original demo file unaffected while you evaluate demo files.

All demo files are located at: [waijung2_installation_directory]\waijung2\targets\esp32\demo

Move the Current Folder of Matlab to the directory where you want to build the demo.

Type this command in the command window: status = copyfile('D:\waijung2_installation_directory\waijung2\targets\esp32\demo\digital_input_demo', pwd);

The command will copy the files in the "[waijung2_installation_directory]\waijung2\targets\esp32\demo\digital_input_demo" folder to the current working directory.

Now you can open the file, build the source code, and upload the program to your ESP32. Your original demo file will not be affected.

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