Line graph widget with ADC values

Demo file : esp32_http_server_demo2.slx


This demo shows how to use HTTP Server Setup Block, HTTP GET Handler Block and HTTP POST Handler Block by using the custom html web page with a line graph widget. Addition to those blocks, the WiFi Block is used to initialize the wifi in AP mode to access the http server, SD Card Setup Block is used to initialize the SD card to serve the files and ADC Block to read adc pin (GPIO36).

Note : First copy the source_files2.7z and extract the files to the SD card and insert in to the ESP32 module.

What should be happening?

Once the wifi is initialize wifi in AP mode use the following information to connect to the ESP32.
  • IP :
  • SSID : Test_http_server
  • Password : 00000000

Once the IP address is accessed using the web browser, the web page is as below

The client will request the ADC data from the ESP32 server in every one second and update the graph according to the data.

Source files : source_files2.7z

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