Mesh Setup

How this block appears in a Simulink model?


What can be configured?

Configuration Parameter Selectable Option/Value Description
Mesh ID Enter a unique mesh ID.
Mesh AP Authentication Mode WIFI_AUTH_OPEN--WIFI_AUTH_WPA_PSK--WIFI_AUTH_WPA2_PSK--WIFI_AUTH_WPA_WPA2_PSK Select the authentication mode.
Mesh AP Password Enter the mesh password.
Mesh AP Connections Enter the number of nodes in the mesh.
Mesh Max Layers 1 to 6 Enter the maximum number of layers which the node hierarchy should be adjusted to.
Router SSID Enter the router SSID.
Router Password Enter the router password.
Channel Enter the router channel.
Mesh Network Status Check--Uncheck Enable/disable status output.

When to use this block?

This block can be used to setup a mesh network between several ESP32 devices.

How does this block work?

Each node in the mesh network should contain this block. This will automatically identify the other nodes in the network and set the hierarchy according to the user configurations depending on the signal strength from router. If ‘Mesh Network Status’ is ‘Checked’ it will indicate the completion of this setup process.

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