SQLite demo

Demo file : esp32_sqlite_demo.slx


This SQLite database demo shows how to use the SQLite Block for inserting the ADC data to a database in SD card on ESP32. The ADC Block is used to get readings from the ADC pins and SD Card Block is required to save the data in the database. In this demo the data will be taken from the ADC pins (GPIO36, GPIO39) and inserted to the table adc_data in esp32_demo database with 1s per record.

What should be happening?

Once the empty database is copied to the sd card and inserted to the target module and executed the program, the data will be inserted to the database. Wait about 10 seconds and remove the sd card and plug in to a Desktop or Laptop computer to view the data from adc_data using the SQLite DB Browser software. The software can be downloaded from here.

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