Demo1: stream to Matlab Simulink

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Host PC Demo file : host_camera_receiver.slx

Camera Target Demo file : esp32_camera_demo1.slx


This example will demonstrate how to use the Camera Block to stream a video from the target board and send data to the host PC. In addition to that the WIFI Block is used to setup the WiFi in AP mode. The data will be received using the Camera Data Receiver Block and stream video can be viewed using the Video Viewer on simulink.

The SSID and the Password for accessing the target camera are as follows.

Password: 00000000

Hardware Setup

  1. aMG ESP32 Camera
  2. Host PC with Matlab Simulink

What should be happening?

Once the host PC is connected to the wifi with the given SSID and password, start the simulation on simulink. The video stream will be shown in the Video Viewer as below.

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