Stream video to Target

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The export file of Aimagin Connect should be extracted and transferred to the SD card used for this demo. Check Create embedded web application with Aimagin Connect for more details.

Demo file : esp32_camera_demo3.slx


This demo shows one use case scenario for the to Target mode of the camera block. In this mode the video feed can be processed within the target ESP32 board itself. Also user is given the option to stream the processed image to either an Aimagin Connect client or Matlab Simulink. This demo shows how to process the video feed and transmit it to a web application created using Aimagin Connect.

To connect the WiFi with the target board use following IP, SSID and the Password

Hardware Setup

  1. aMG ESP32 Camera module
  2. Host PC with WiFi

What should be happening?

Once the demo is set up on the ESP32 camera module, connect to it with the given SSID and the Password using the client device (smartphone or PC) via WiFi. Then access the IP address of the ESP32 camera module on the web browser to log in to the Aimagin Connect local server on ESP32 module. Go to the Camera demo page and access the camera by starting the video stream or capture the image and save it to the device.

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