Target Setup Block

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How this block appears in a Simulink model?

What can be configured?

Configuration Parameter Selectable Option/Value Description
Toolchain Not configurable By default: ESP-IDF
Operating system Not configurable By default: FreeRTOS
Simulink manages build system Check--Uncheck If ‘Unchecked’, ‘Project path’ can be set.
Project path The folder in which the build files will be generated. If ‘Simulink manages build system’ is ‘Checked’, by default the build files will be generated in the Matlab ‘Current Folder’.
Auto Compile and Download Check--Uncheck If ‘Checked’, the build files will be generated and automatically uploaded to the connected ESP32.
Else the build files will be generated but will not be uploaded to ESP32.
Default xTaskCreate_stack depth Enter the stack size of the base task.
Base task priority 0 It is recommended to keep the base task priority as zero to avoid complications.
Highest (maximum) priority Enter the maximum priority to be assigned for other tasks.
Generate base rate task Check--Uncheck
ESP32 Flash Size 4MB--8MB--16MB Select the flash memory size of the ESP32 board in use.
COM Port <available> COM ports will be displayed Select the COM port of the ESP32 device.

When to use this block?

This block should be present in every user program created using Waijung2 Block Set.

How does this block work?

This block will setup the target device configurations to run the user program on the ESP32 hardware.

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