Two boards demo

Board #1 Demo file : esp32_uart_board1_demo.slx

Board #2 Demo file : esp32_uart_board2_demo.slx


This UART demo is used to communicate between two target boards using UART Blocks. Board #1 is the transmitter which sends the status of the three digital output pins of Board #2. According to the receiving data to the Board #2, it controls the digital output status of those pins using the Digital Output Block.

Hardware Setup

  • 2 ESP32 modules
  • TX pin (GPIO32) of Board #1 should be connected to the RX pin (GPIO33) of Board #2 and RX pin (GPIO33) of Board #1 should be connected to the TX pin (GPIO32) of Board #2.

What should be happening?

After two target boards are connected together with TX and RX pins, the LEDs which are connected to the Board #2 will toggle every 1s.

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