WIFI demo

Demo file : esp32_wifi_demo.slx


This example will demonstrate how to use the WiFi Block to initialize the WiFi in station mode and send the GET and POST requests to the web servers using HTTP Block via the internet. Please insert valid SSID and Password to the WiFi setup block and the UART Blocks are used to send the data to the host PC. The GET and POST response data via UART to the host PC.

Hardware Setup

ESP32 module
aMG USB Converter-N
Host PC

The Tx (GPIO32) and Rx (GPIO33) of the target should be connected to the aMG USB Converter-N and connect the USB converter module to the host PC via USB.

What should be happening?

Use a serial communication monitor software to test this demo. Select the correct COM port in the software to monitor the data. The GET and POST response data will be shown in the host PC as below

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