Waijung 2 installation

  1. Move the downloaded file to the installation directory and extract the content. Make sure the installation directory path does not have any spaces.
  2. Open Matlab and change the current directory to the extracted folder. Open install_waijung2.m script.
  3. Click Run to execute the script
  4. The script will automatically check dependencies and install Waijung2 Block-set to Matlab. Please note that any previous Waijung2 installations will be removed automatically before installing the new block-set. However the older Waijung2 folder or the files created will not be deleted.

    At the end of the installation a pop-up window will ask to enable automatic updates. Click Yes .
  5. Installation progress will be displayed in the Command Window.
  6. Similarly uninstall_waijung2.m can be used to successfully uninstall the waijung2 block-set from MATLAB.

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