BUG: Timing deviation when running on target


martin van beek
Added about 2 months ago

When pulsing two different output pins, every 5 seconds with a requested pulse length of 2ms, you get one pulse of approx. 2ms and the other pulse is always 3ms.
The two pulses are shifted 2500ms, so they may not interfere each other.
See for the details the attached screenshots and included model.
The esp32 is configured for external mode, station mode, Wifi ssid is set to AIMAGIN and Wifi password to WAIJUNG2ESP32.
Hopefully you can fix this problem.
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Answers (1)


martin van beek
Added about 2 months ago

You can forget this issue, the problem is in the model itself.
When running the offline simulation, I get the same result.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
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Parth Maheshwari (พาร์ท) about 2 months

Hi Martin, no problems at all. We are here to do our best to help, let me know if there's something we can do.

Parth Maheshwari
Application Engineer