Remarks/questions about i2c demo

Added by Johan Henning over 1 year ago

- please provide a schematic how to connect the i2c chip (ADS1115IDGSR) for this demo
- The ASCII to String block can be removed when the printf block is set to character vector
- What is the purpose of this statement in the description: "Connect the Xilinx development board to the computer via JTAG port." It should be: the USB PROG/UART port
- shoul > should
in the description how to build the hardware: source zybo7z20_i2c_demo.tcl > source i2c_demo.tcl
error when building the hardware: ERROR: [Vivado 12-172] File or Directory 'C:/AimaginProjects/Z7000/i2c_demo/hardware_design/My_Zybo-Z7-Master.xdc' does not exist. (jhg: it resides in a subdirectory)

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RE: Remarks/questions about i2c demo - Added by Shawn Sebastian Pulle (ฌอน) over 1 year ago

Hi Johan,

Thank you for the feedback. Suggested changes and a fix for tcl error will be included in a future release.