Welcome to Aimagin support portal.

There are two main sources to get technical support for all of Aimagin's products and services, namely wiki and forum.

  1. Use this Wiki which contains reference documentation for the followings.
    1. Current systems
      1. Waijung 2 User Guide
      2. Smart Sensor User Guide
      3. Aimagin Analytics Wiki
      4. Aimagin Connect Wiki
    2. Legacy systems
      1. Waijung 1 online user guide
      2. Waijung 1 application notes
      3. Waijung 1 patches
      4. Smart sensor system
      5. RapidSTM32
  2. Use Help & Support to ask questions and get support from the community. Please register to post a question.
  1. To create a post in our forum you must complete the following steps.
    1. Register to use our support system here. Registration is not required to read the forum.
    2. Important!!! Activate your account by following the instructions sent to your registered email.
    3. After a successful registration sign in from here.


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