Universal .xsa file

Added by Johan Henning over 1 year ago

It would be nice in my opinion to have an .xsa file that works for all demo projects.
Now the .xsa file is per demo project and if you want to add something (for example control an LED in the UART demo) this does not work because the hardware is not generated for GPIO.

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RE: Universal .xsa file - Added by Shawn Sebastian Pulle (ฌอน) over 1 year ago

Hi Johan,

Thank you for the feedback.
We will add this feature request to our backlog. If there are sufficient amount of requests for this feature, we will consider implementing this on a future release.

RE: Universal .xsa file - Added by martin van beek over 1 year ago

Hi Johan,
Good suggestion to facilitate 1 generic hardware reference file.
That's really low hanging fruit, and I don't understand that this suggestion needs more requests.
But if needed, I can deliver a generic reference design personally, no problem.
Best regards,