Impossible to build digital output demo for esp32

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I got an error when trying to build the esp32_digital_output_demo.slx demo. It does not find out the s-functions for the setup and the digital output bloc.
(Please note that my matlab path is properly set onto the Waijung2 esp32 library)

These are the output messages when building the overall:

Waijung 2: System information
Computer: GLNXA64
Operating System: Linux 5.4.0-56-generic #62-Ubuntu SMP Mon Nov 23 19:20:19 UTC 2020 x86_64
Matlab: (R2020a) Update 5
Waijung 2 version: 20.11a
Waijung 2 root: /home/fabien/Documents/MATLAB/waijung2
  1. Starting build procedure for: esp32_digital_output_demo
  2. Generating code and artifacts to 'Model specific' folder structure
  3. Generating code into build folder: /home/fabien/Documents/MATLAB/waijung2/targets/esp32/demo/digital_output_demo/esp32_digital_output_demo_esp32
  4. Build procedure for esp32_digital_output_demo aborted due to an error.
    Error in S-function 'esp32_digital_output_demo/Digital Out': S-Function 'esp32_digital_output3' does not exist
    Component:Simulink | Category:Block diagram error
    Error in S-function 'esp32_digital_output_demo/Waijung 2 Target Setup': S-Function 'esp32_target_setup' does not exist

Thx for your help

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RE: Impossible to build digital output demo for esp32 - Added by Dhanika Mahipala (ดานิก้า) 4 months ago


Thank you for reaching out to us. Unfortunately the Waijung2 block set only supports Windows 10 operating system. Stated below are our minimum requirements for proper functionality of Waijung2.

  1. Microsoft Windows10
  2. Matlab (Release R2018b or later) with the followings toolboxes and block sets:
    1. Simulink
    2. Matlab Coder
    3. Simulink Coder
    4. Embedded Coder

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need any further assistance.