file transfer between mobile phone and ESP32

Added by Turkish Guy 10 months ago

We have been experiencing a problem transferring file between Iphone,Android phones and (ESP32 -> STM32F4 board) . I use Rx/Tx pins of ESP32 to connect serially to STM32 board. IOS or Android phones need to use the Wifi connection to transfer file to ESP32 board then to STM (serially) I connected SD card to STM32F4 board and whenever the ESP32 board receives the file via WiFi from mobile phones then a file must be created on the SD card (Ascii or binary, not so big such as 10 kB etc) From a mobile phone (IOS or Android) to STM board's SD card and save it there. There is a big difference between transferring data and file. I guess there will be a need for FTP like setups, I would appreciate any help from you.