Very long compile time 2020a versus 2018b

Added by martin van beek 6 months ago

How can I shorten the compile time when using the MATLAB/Simulink 2020a in combination with the Symantic Endprotection.
Our company policy is that we can't switch off the Symantic Endprotection unfortunately.
The first time when compiling a very simple Blinky project for the ESP32, it tokes at least 60 minutes before I got a annoying error message that the espflashtool couldn't connect to the target ESP32.
The second time the compile nd download time was reduced till 4 minutes approx.

But when running the same Blinky project on a MATLAB/Simulink version 2018b it compiles always within 2 minutes and that's great and usefully.

How can I reduce the compile and download time for the 2020a version without disabling the Symantic Endprotection software?
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RE: Very long compile time 2020a versus 2018b - Added by Dhanika Mahipala (ดานิก้า) 6 months ago

Did you run the blink example on MATLAB 2018b in the same computer as the one you had R2020a on? If not in this other computer with MATLAB 2018b, did you have Symantic Endprotection installed?

Did you try adding an exception to MATALB or the folder path in which your program is built, in the antivirus software which you are using?

If the exception doesn't work, could you please specify the specifications of the computer with the larger compile time?

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