Flash program to ESP32

Please follow video tutorial found in ( or (svn\quasense\esp32 flash tools and video\)

1.Turn ON and connect ESP32 to the PC via USB

2.Download ESP32 flash download tools (

3.Open the application and select ESP32 download tool

4.Download ESP32 bin files (provided by Aimagin separately)

5.Select the files and their offset values as shown in the video

6.Check the COM port typically use the lower value COM port

7.Apply correct COM port and buad rate and other settings as shown in video

8.Click start, this will show connection to board in the DETECTED INFO section (it is done just to verify connection to the board), if this step doesn't work please change COM port to the other one and try this step again

9.Now Select all the tick boxes for bin files and click START again

10.Wait for FINISH message, and then reset ESP32 (press reset button or turn off ESP32 and turn on ESP32)