Smart Sensor update gateway or sensor software

Note: Please note software upgrade is only available via android mobile phone
Note: Files are given below under files tab, these can be downloaded as necessary in the steps

Step 1:

Please download the apk file below (amg_ble_upgrade_ble4.2_v2.0.apk), this is the application used for software upgrade (works with android phones)
Please download the bin file below, this is the actual software file (if need to upgrade gateway, please download amg_gateway3_emacs_wifi_iap.bin).

Step 2

Please copy these files to your android mobile phone

Step 3

Please go to the location of amg_ble_upgrade_ble4.2_v2.0.apk file in your mobile phone and click on it to install the application.
Note: Please click allow as necessary, to accept all permissions if needed by the installation process

Step 4

After installed successfully, please open the application aMG BLE Upgrade,

Step 5

After the application is opened, please click on connect as shown below

Next select the appropriate device you want to upgrade firmware (if gateway please select amg_gateway3 or if sensor please select correct sensor based on uid)

Step 6

Please confirm that you have connected to the correct device by the text shown

Step 7

Please click on the upgrade button on the bottom right corner.
Next browse to the location of the .bin file of the device you need to upgrade and click it

Step 8

Now device will begin updating, Status will be shown as percentage, please wait till it reaches 100 % (usually take 5-10 minutes)

Step 9

After it reaches 100% it will automatically disconnect.

Step 10

To verify if successful upgrade, please connect to the device again similar to Step 5 and Step 6

Now click on Check button on bottom left. The firmware version and build date will appear please check whether this is the same version as given in the description of the bin file in download section.