Error while compiling source code

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I am new to Waijung and i am trying to build a demo "Park Assistance" by using two STM32 Nucleo Boards (one as sender one as receiver) and one Ultrasonic sensor. So basically I wanted to use one board to evacuate the distance by connecting it to ultrasonic sensor and send it to a CAN Bus. The other Board will collect these information and to evacuate if the distance is smaller than 50cm.
As I try to flash the simulink model of the receiver Board, an error occurs and said that I have an error in the generated source code (See attached screenshots). Could someone tell me how i should fix it?

p.s: I have the waijung18_11a.7z and MATLAB version: R2018a

Thanks in advance!

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RE: Error while compiling source code - Added by Suphichaya Youngsubtargul (โอปอ) over 1 year ago


May I kindly request you to sign up with your name so we have some details about you and can provide appropriate support?

Secondly, we are not able to see any attached screenshots or errors. Could you please try attaching the screenshots and also the model file once again?

Thank you very much.

Parth Maheshwari
Application Engineer