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Added by Waldo Ratti 5 months ago

Waijung2 is excellent. I am wanting to read an ADC port, which has a potentiometer connected. I want to see in a scope by varying the potentiometer, but it doesn't work. Help

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RE: ADC + scope - Added by Chandima Jayaneththi (จันทิมา) 5 months ago

Hello Waldo,

Thank you for your interests in using Waijung 2.
Currently, Waijung 2 doesn't support Simulink external mode. If you need to get the ADC data from ESP32 to Simulink on a host computer, you have to send it using via UART or WiFi. In case if you need to send it via UART you can use UART Blocks. Otherwise you can use Wireless Communication Block (HIL) for sending the data via WiFi using UDP. In this case you need to have two model files, one is for getting ADC reading from ESP32 and send it to the host computer and the second model file for receiving data from ESP32 and display the data on scope.

Let us know if your requirement is fulfilled using this method.

Best regards,