Waijung 1 application notes

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Waijung and STM32F4 Basic

  1. How to Use Data Logger
  2. Using Timer/Counter
  3. How to Use Internal Flash Memory
  4. How to Use UART Communication Port
  5. How to Drive Stepper Motors and RC Servo Motors
  6. How to Use I2C Communication Port
  7. How to Use SPI Communication Port
  8. FiO2 and aMG Labkit – Blinky demo
  9. How to Drive a Character LCD
  10. How to Use Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog Conversion
  11. How to Use Digital Input/ Output
  12. How to identify and use Microcontrollers’ pins
  13. Getting Started with Waijung & STM32F4 Target
  14. Introduction to Waijung and Matlab & Simulink

Waijung and nRF51422 Basic

  1. FiO Glide – ANT – LDR-ADC/Digital IO Demo

Network Monitoring and Control

  1. FiO Glide – ANT – LDR-ADC/Digital IO Demo
  2. UDP — Direct communication between MCUs via network

Image Processing

  1. Real-Time Moving Object Tracking with FiO 2 (STM32F4) and Image Processing Algorithms
  2. Basic Image Processing for Moving Object Tracking

Other Tutorials

  1. Using Hardware in the Loop with Waijung
  2. How to Read Thermocouples
  3. DC Motors Control
  4. 10 ChannelAnalog to Digital Converter with push buttons to change LCD display
  5. The Application of PWM Capture (Data Acquisition) and Ultrasonic Sensors
  6. The Applications of Global Positioning System
  7. Bootloader and IAP protocol with Waijung blockset
  8. How to Drive a 7-Segment LED
  9. Creating and Using a Library (*.a) for STM32F4 MCU with GNU GCC Compiler